The Hype features Ian McIntosh, founder of Sea Change Brewing Co.

Sea Change Brewing Co. is a microbrewery led by musicians, artists, and seasoned craft brewers. A progressive addition to the lively Edmonton craft beer community. Almost all the partners played in bands or has punk-rock histories. Sea Change is an artist driven ship, focused on diverse, unpretentious beers and great service.

Their lineup is as they call it, “crushable”. With an average of 5% alcohol by volume, Sea Change makes a beer that’s drinkable, accessible, and well balanced. Their lineup kicked off with a Blonde Ale and has extended to a New England Pale Ale, a Session Ale, and an Irish Red Ale.

Winning awards and selling as much product as they are, Sea Change has really set themselves apart from other microbreweries. In its first year of production their New England Pale Ale won a gold medal at the Alberta Brewing Awards. Therefore, this success has allowed for the creation of seasonal options in addition to consistent product development.

Sea Change’s punk rock roots ingrained them with a D.I.Y. work ethic that influenced the creation of the brewery. Ian and his partners designed and constructed everything in-house, and gives the brewery a vibe that’s authentic to them. Bold illustrative branding anchors the punk influence and makes their products instantly recognizable on the shelf.

The Edmonton area is instrumental to their success and as a homage to #YEG, Sea Change included local materials throughout the space. For example, Ian constructed the taproom tables with thick wooden slabs salvaged from the Cloverdale foot bridge.

In conclusion, Sea Change is growing quickly and ready to keep bringing quality “crushable” beers to the market. Keep an eye out for their Session Ale that launches this July across Alberta in addition to the rest of their lineup.

Learn more about Sea Change Brewing Co.:

Instagram: @seachangebrewingco

Twitter: @seachangebeer