THE HYPE presents Sober Saturdayz, an innovative business that mixes socializing with sobriety, and it’s creator Katie Degen.

We learned about how she developed her company concept, and what’s in store for the near future.

Sober Saturdayz is based around creating radically fun alcohol-free events, where it’s encouraged to talk openly about social pressures and substance abuse. They team up with bars and restaurants across Edmonton, Alberta to host wacky experiences, featuring local or uniquely-crafted food, drink and much

“Hi, I’m Kaitie and this is my tiny sober journey.

I grew up with an addictive mother and an absent father. When I say absent I mean I’ve never even met the guy and as for my mother, well I’m more of a mother than she ever has been. Having two “parents” who chose everything before me left me with some pretty low self-confidence. From a very young age I always tried to excel at whatever I did in hopes that my parents would be proud enough to want and keep me. It took me 27 long years (10 of which were pretty solid partying) to figure out that the reason I didn’t feel accepted by them, society or my “friends” was because I didn’t accept myself.

I was always comfortable in my own mind. From the inside I knew who I was, where I wanted to go and what I wanted my life to look like. I honestly think that those thoughts were the only thing that got me out of the cyclical and addictive lifestyle that has haunted my family for decades. I thought if I could just escape their grasps (family and “the system”) I would finally have the freedom to become who I had always desired to be. What I didn’t know was growing up in a physically and mentally manipulative fashion didn’t end when I turned 18.

Sober Saturdayz acts as a voice for all mental health and addictions advocates.

In fact, things may have gotten worse in a different way. I was so busy trying to ESCAPE as a child that those skills over flowed into adulthood, mostly because I had never been taught otherwise. I had never seen anyone in my family follow through, I had never seen my mother hold down a job or a relationship. All I had ever seen was her self-medicate and party and partying was the only time I ever saw her (and other family members) happy.

I functioned this way for 10 years until one day after an uprooting date rape experience blew up my life. It was followed by 6 of the most lonely, terrifying and sobering months of my life so far. And although I would never wish my experiences or life onto anyone else, it was within those moments that Sober Saturdayz was created.

Sober Saturdayz acts as a voice for all mental health and addictions advocates. We put our words into actions by integrating alcohol-free products wherever there are alcoholic ones. Inclusion is everything to us.”

  • Kaitie Degen

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