The Hype features Cass Miller, owner of Studio YEG ART

Studio YEG ART is an art gallery and workshop space, where individuals can hone in on their creativity through a variety of different art classes. Cass and her partner Jaime combined their talents and transformed an ordinary space into a work of art. With Jaime being a carpenter and Cass being a teacher and an artist, they created an opportunity to work together and give back to the community.

The two created Studio YEG ART. In addition to a space for workshops the studio hosts a gallery featuring local YEG artists that rotates every two months. The fine furnishings and attention to detail create a warm, stylish and classy ambience tailored towards adults. 

Studio YEG ART values understanding who is behind the things that you buy. Partnering with local artists, creators, breweries and treat makers strengthens the community and exposes more of what Edmonton has to offer. 

Studio YEG ART is for anyone looking to get creative, no matter your skill or experience. It is an intimate space where friends, family, and new-comers can relax and discover their hidden talent to create something amazing. 

The next workshop is July 25th making plant vases.

Learn more about Studio YEG ART:

Located at 13B Fairway Dr NW Edmonton, Alberta